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NCIS® Bulletins - Sortable

This is a list of all bulletins issued this year by National Crop Insurance Services. Access to the content of NCIS bulletins is available to Members of NCIS and it is based on Membership type, provided you are already setup for access. If your company is a member and you need to have access, please contact your company and place your request through them. If you already have a password, you can access it here.

170103/24/2017MP-LAS14052017 NCIS MPCI Pecan Tree, Organic Practice, Rice QA and Sugarcane School
170091/26/2017SRI11842016 Crop-Hail Industry Ranking Report
170081/24/2017MP-LAS14042017 NCIS East & Southeast Committee Annual Meeting
170071/23/2017MP-R&F2413NCIS MPCI Underwriting & Loss Forms
170061/19/2017MP-LAS14032017 NCIS Montana & Northwest Regional/State Crop Insurance Committees' Annual Meeting
170051/11/2017MB1572NCIS Annual Business Meeting
170041/11/2017MB1571NCIS Charges For The Year Ending December 31, 2017
170031/9/2017CH-R&F6755Crop-Hail 300 Page For 2017 Crop Year - Florida
170021/4/2017MP-LAS14022017 NCIS Missouri Committee Annual Meeting
170011/3/2017MP-LAS14012017 NCIS IA-NE Regional/State Committees Annual Meeting
1607512/28/2016MP-LAS14002017 KS-OK Regional/State Committee Annual Meeting
1607412/28/2016MP-LAS13992017 NCIS IL-WI Regional/State Committee Annual Meeting
1607312/28/2016MP-LAS13982017 NCIS AZ-CA-NV Regional/State Committee Annual Meeting
1607212/27/2016CH-LAS1322Crop-Hail Procedures for Lentils Field-Testing of Weight Method
1607112/27/2016MP-LAS13972017 NCIS Gulf States Regional/State Committee Annual Meeting
1607012/27/2016MP-R&F2412NCIS MPCI Underwriting & Loss Forms
1606912/21/2016MP-LAS13962017 NCIS KY-TN Regional/State Committee Annual Meeting
1606812/20/2016MP-LAS13952017 NCIS IN-MI-OH Regional/State Committee Annual Meeting
1606712/16/2016MP-R&F2411Final Rule With Request For Comments: Revising 24 Crop Provisions For PP Coverage Levels
1606612/13/2016MP-LAS13942017 NCIS SW Regional/State Committee Annual Meeting
1606512/2/2016E&T235Limited English Proficiency Plan Training Unit
1606411/29/2016E&T2342017 NCIS Claims Managers' Conference
1606311/22/2016MP-LAS13932017 NCIS CO-WY Regional/State Committee Annual Meeting
1606211/21/2016MP-LAS13922017 NCIS MN-ND-SD Regional/State Committees Annual Meeting
1606110/11/2016CH-R&F6754Crop-Hail Forms For 2017 Crop Year – Northeastern States
1606010/11/2016CH-R&F6753Crop-Hail Forms For 2017 Crop Year - Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina And Virginia
1605910/11/2016CH-R&F6752Crop-Hail Forms For 2017 Crop Year – Kansas
1605810/3/2016CH-R&F6751Crop-Hail Forms For 2017 Crop Year - California And Nevada.
1605710/3/2016CH-R&F6750Crop‐Hail Forms For 2017 Crop Year - Colorado, Montana And Wyoming
160569/27/2016SRI11832016 Preliminary Premium Totals Report
160559/22/2016MP-R&F2410NCIS MPCI Underwriting & Loss Forms
160549/13/2016E&T2332017 NCIS Train-the-Trainer Spring Conference
160539/13/2016MP-LAS13912016 NCIS MPCI Fresh Market, Blueberries, Citrus and WFRP School
160528/31/2016CH-R&F6749Crop-Hail Forms For 2017 Crop Year Oklahoma
160518/31/2016CH-R&F6748Crop-Hail Forms For 2017 Crop Year Michigan, Ohio And Wisconsin
160508/31/2016CH-R&F6747Crop-Hail Forms For 2017 Crop Year New Mexico And Texas
160498/31/2016CH-R&F6746Crop-Hail Forms For 2017 Crop Year Kentucky And Tennessee
160488/30/2016CH-R&F6745Crop-Hail Forms For 2017 Crop Year Idaho, Oregon, Utah, And Washington
160478/30/2016CH-R&F6744Crop-Hail Forms For 2017 Crop Year Arizona
160468/29/2016CH-R&F6743Crop-Hail Forms For 2017 Crop Year Arkansas And Missouri.
160458/29/2016CH-R&F6742Crop-Hail Forms For 2017 Crop Year Nebraska.
160448/29/2016CH-R&F6741Crop-Hail Forms For 2017 Crop Year Illinois And Indiana.
160438/29/2016CH-R&F6740Crop-Hail 300 Pages For 2017 Crop Year Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota And South Dakota.
160428/25/2016MP-LAS13902016 NCIS MPCI Cotton & Soybeans School
160418/24/2016CH-R&F6739Crop-Hail Forms For 2017 Crop Year Iowa
160408/24/2016CH-R&F6738Crop-Hail Forms For 2017 Crop Year Minnesota, North Dakota And South Dakota
160398/22/2016CH-R&F6737Crop-Hail Form Changes For 2017 Crop Year
160387/8/2016MP-LAS13892016 NCIS MPCI Apple School/Field Day
160377/5/2016MB15702017 Membership
160366/29/2016CH-LAS13212016 NCIS Crop-Hail Corn and Soybeans Hail Workshop