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NCIS® Bulletins - Sortable

This is a list of all bulletins issued this year by National Crop Insurance Services. Access to the content of NCIS bulletins is available to Members of NCIS and it is based on Membership type, provided you are already setup for access. If your company is a member and you need to have access, please contact your company and place your request through them. If you already have a password, you can access it here.

180173/8/2018MP-R&F2424NCIS MPCI Underwriting Forms
180163/6/2018MP-R&F2423Final Rule With Request For Comments: Nursery Crop Provisions
180153/2/2018CH-LAS1336Crop-Hail Loss Instructions And Forms - Fruit And Blueberry
180142/1/2018CH-LAS1335Crop-Hail Loss Instructions And Forms - Wheat
180131/31/2018MP-R&F2422NCIS MPCI Underwriting & Loss Forms
180121/29/2018SRI11882017 Crop-Hail Industry Ranking Report
180111/25/2018CH-LAS1334Crop-Hail Loss Instructions Slipsheets - Soybeans And Sweet Corn
180101/22/2018CH-LAS1333New And Revised Crop-Hail Loss Instructions And Forms Cabbage/Head Lettuce, Canola/Mustard/Carinata, Dry Peas, And Muskmelon/Summoer Squash
180091/16/2018CH-R&F6772Additional Revised Crop-Hail Forms For 2018 Crop Year - Oregon
180081/16/2018MP-LAS14262018 NCIS MT-NW Regional/State Committees Annual Meeting
180071/11/2018MP-LAS14252018 NCIS East & Southeast Regional/State Committees Annual Meeting
180061/5/2018CH-R&F6771Additional Revised Crop-Hail Forms For 2018 Crop Year Idaho, Oregon, Utah And Washington
180051/5/2018MP-R&F2421Final Rule With Request For Comments: Cultivated Clam Crop Provisions
180041/5/2018MP-R&F2420Final Rule With Request For Comments: California Avocado Crop Provisions
180021/5/2018MB1575NCIS Charges For The Year Ending December 31, 2018
180031/4/2018RAIN1048Rain Insurance Forms, Rules And Loss Costs
180011/4/2018MB1574NCIS Annual Business Meeting
1706712/28/2017MP-LAS14242018 NCIS AZ-CA-NV Regional/State Committee Annual Meeting
1706612/21/2017MP-LAS14232018 NCIS IA-NE Regional/State Committees Annual Meeting
1706512/19/2017MP-R&F2419Final Rule With Request For Comments: CCIP &ARPI Basic Provisions And CAT Endorsement
1706412/19/2017MP-LAS14222018 NCIS KS-OK Regional/State Committee Annual Meeting
1706312/19/2017MP-LAS14212018 NCIS Gulf States Regional/State Committee Annual Meeting
1706212/18/2017MP-R&F2418NCIS MPCI Underwriting & Loss Forms
1706112/18/2017MP-LAS14202018 NCIS IN-MI-OH Regional/State Committee Annual Meeting
1706012/18/2017MP-LAS14192018 NCIS IL-WI Regional/State Committee Annual Meeting
1705912/12/2017MP-LAS14182018 NCIS KY-TN Regional/State Committee Annual Meeting
1705812/12/2017MP-LAS14172018 NCIS Missouri Regional/State Committee Annual Meeting
1705712/11/2017MP-LAS14162018 NCIS SW Regional/State Committee Annual Meeting
1705611/27/2017E&T2382018 NCIS Claims Managers' Conference
1705511/15/2017MP-LAS14152018 NCIS CO-WY Regional/State Committee Annual Meeting
1705411/7/2017MP-LAS14142018 NCIS MN-ND-SD Regional/State Commiittees Annual Meeting
1705310/26/2017MP-R&F2417NCIS MPCI Underwriting & Loss Forms
1705210/6/2017CH-R&F6770Crop-Hail Forms For 2018 Crop Year - Texas
1705110/6/2017CH-R&F6769Crop-Hail Forms For 2018 Crop Year - California And Nevada
1705010/6/2017CH-R&F6768Crop-Hail Forms For 2018 Crop Year - Idaho, Oregon, Utah And Washington
1704910/6/2017CH-R&F6767Crop-Hail Forms For 2018 Crop Year - Minnesota, North Dakota And South Dakota
170489/22/2017CH-R&F6766Crop-Hail Forms For 2018 Crop Year - Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina And Virginia
170479/22/2017CH-R&F6765Crop-Hail Forms For 2018 Crop Year - Colorado, Montana And Wyoming
170469/22/2017SRI11872017 Preliminary Premium Totals Report
170459/15/2017CH-R&F6764Crop-Hail Forms For 2018 Crop Year - Illinois And Indiana
170449/15/2017MP-R&F2416NCIS MPCI Underwriting & Loss Forms
170439/13/2017E&T2372018 NCIS Train-the-Trainer Spring Conference
170429/11/2017CH-R&F6763Crop-Hail Forms For 2018 Crop Year- Arizona And New Mexico
170419/8/2017CH-R&F6762Crop-Hail Forms For 2018 Crop Year - Michigan, Ohio And Wisconsin
170409/8/2017CH-R&F6761Crop-Hail Forms For 2018 Crop Year - Kentucky And Tennessee
170399/7/2017CH-R&F6760Crop-Hail Forms For 2018 Crop Year - Arkansas And Missouri
170389/7/2017CH-R&F6759Crop-Hail Forms For 2018 Crop Year - Iowa And Nebraska
170379/7/2017CH-R&F6758Crop-Hail Forms For 2018 Crop Year - Kansas And Oklahoma
170368/29/2017CH-R&F6757Crop-Hail Form Changes For 2018 Crop Year
170358/22/2017CH-R&F6756Crop-Hail Forms For 2017 Crop Year - Massachusetts