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National Crop Insurance Services

8900 Indian Creek Parkway, Suite 600
Overland Park, KS 66210
office: (913) 685-2767
fax: (913) 685-3080

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We Value your Privacy

National Crop Insurance Services, Inc. believes that for Internet services to be successful, electronic privacy is crucial. As far as NCIS is concerned, only you and NCIS need to know the information you give us.

We gather information about our Members that allow us to offer compelling services and easy online access to contents in a manner that provides personal privacy protection as well. When you register online for schools or meetings, when you request a User ID and password for access to our secured services, when you shop at our Online Store, and we ask you to provide us information such as your first and last name, corporation or other entity represented, address, zip code, e-mail address, country, and in some cases, your social security number or employer identification number, it is for the sole purpose of providing you with our benefits or services.

When you provide us with any information while registering for NCIS schools/meetings, or shopping at our store, this information is maintained and accessible only by National Crop Insurance Services, Inc. We do not rent, sell or otherwise distribute lists of Internet subscribers.  We do not send unsolicited e-mails.

We do make use of a web log on our forms only, to gather IP addresses, which is used for the purpose of better serving our members and visitors and internal statistical purposes of who our visitors are.

NCIS pledges never to intentionally disclose individually identifiable information about a member to any third party without first receiving that member’s written permission.