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National Crop Insurance Services

8900 Indian Creek Parkway, Suite 600
Overland Park, KS 66210
office: (913) 685-2767
fax: (913) 685-3080

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Important Announcement for NCIS Members

The NCIS Board of Directors has changed its policy regarding distribution and fees related to special statistical analyses and NCIS forms and supplies.

  • There will be no additional fees for most special statistical analyses and NCIS forms, handbooks, worksheets, etc. These will be provided to NCIS members as part of their membership, at no additional charge.
  • NCIS will discontinue providing paper versions of forms, handbooks, worksheets, etc., that are available in electronic format. These are available to NCIS members at the NCIS File Transfer Repository.
  • NCIS supplies that are not available in electronic format (e.g., slide-rules) will be available upon request by calling NCIS at 800-951-6247 or by emailing such requests to

This change in policy will reduce printing and shipping expenses and enhance the value of NCIS membership. Please contact if you have questions.