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2018 NCIS MPCI and Crop-Hail Corn, Cotton, Grain Sorghum & Soybean School/Field Day

August 22-23, 2018

Manhattan, KS

Early Fee Registration Deadline: August  10, 2018
Last Day to Register Online: August  21, 2018

How to Register

Registration for NCIS meetings and schools is a 5-step process:

  1. Enter your Contact information. Please give us your contact information so we can have a point of contact in your company, in case we have questions about any of the registration information.

  2. Add Attendees. You may add any number of attendees for a meeting or school.

  3. Review and Confirm. When you're done adding attendees, you'll have an opportunity to modify or delete attendees, as necessary.

  4. Payment and Final Submission. Once all attendees are entered and confirmed, you'll indicate the form of payment for the registration fees. Upon final submission, you'll see a Summary page listing all attendees and total charges. You will also be prompted to print the page for your records.

  5. After Submission. The Contact Person filing this form will receive a confirmation e-mail with a list of attendees being registered and each attendee will receive individual confirmation e-mail. So it is important that the e-mail addresses you enter are correct.

Once you start filling the form, please start and finish (the form does time out) and DO NOT use the back button on your browser. You will have an opportunity to change or delete an attendee in step 3 above "Review and Confirm" by clicking the button "View Attendee List."

Step 1 - Enter Contact Information.

*Submitted By First Name: *Last Name:
*Phone #:
- -
*Required fields

Please use the form above to identify the person submitting the registration. This gives us a point of contact, in case we have questions regarding the registration. When you're finished with Step 1, click the "Add an Attendee" button to add the first attendee. For assistance with this form, please contact our webmaster.


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